Date -               Phone -    Blake  -                  Bid  $               

Comments  -____ 


GWP 2015  Feburay


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Did not get PPG Silos Job


Date -  Feb 2      Phone -Tyler Davis C:(520) 241-2746    
  Blake  yes     Bid  $

Comments  -____  
Two Pumps  and piping   Oklahoma

Tyler Davis Meridian Contracting, Inc

17500 S. Sooner Road, Norman, OK 73071O:(405) 928-5959 | F:(405) 928-5554 | C:(520)


  Date -    Feb  2  Phone -  Gavin Nuffer  801-599-9407  
Blake  yes     Bid  $
Comments  -_
  I called pat told him  He was going to cal   Monday___  Water Tower   Kerns SLC Utah

Gavin Nuffer G&H Industrial    801-599-9407  Pat called Him  and made arrangments to see project

  Date -   Feb 2     Phone - Terry Norton, 801 - 362 - 1259     
Blake  yes     Bid  $
Comments  -____SLC 
 My subdivision. They want my building painted.

Hi Pat, I need to get on your painting schedule for some time early summer.
I'm being pressured by the architectural committee here my subdivision. They want my building painted.
If I don't paint it soon I fear they will sue me. Please respond to my request and let's get something scheduled. Thank you, Terry Norton, 8013621259

  Date -   Feb 2     Phone - Kevin 951-972-9509     Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____

 tried to leave a message on your phone and the mail box is full.
 I need some wall paper hung.  Can you call me back and let me know if this is something you are interested in?

Here is the wall paper areas that need hung.  We have the wallpaper.  Should take (2) men (1) day. 

Can you please meet my Boss Kevin 951-972-9509 tomorrow to bid the job

Springhill Suites1801 S Harbor BlvdAnaheim, CA Call me to schedule a time

  Date - Feb 2   Phone -Nancy Ward  (817) 939-9804   
Blake  yes     Bid  $ 9,600
Comments  -____
A pleasure speaking with you here is all the information I think you will need.
We have (2) 4500 gallon ground level storage tanks each is 12 feet high with a diameter of 8 feet.

The address of our mini water plant is 9627 Lechner Road, Fort Worth, TX. 76179-4072 in Tarrant County.

 Nancy Ward  Secretary/ TreasurerBusiness # (817) 236-1499 Mobile # (817) 939-9804Address is 10029 Yeoman LaneFort Worth, TX 76179-4072

  Date -  Feb 3      Phone -Woody Allen  (216) 618-2491     
Blake  yes     Bid  $
Comments  -____ resent email  asking for photos

I am interested in obtaining a quote to have water tower on our campus painted.  The tower is non operational.

 We are with the City of Cleveland water district.  Our address is 13421 Coit Rd. Cleveland Ohio, 44110. 

Woody AllenFinance and Administration Director(216) 618-2491

  Date -   Feb 3      Phone - 314-440-4182      Blake  yes     Bid  $       Comments  -____ resent email asking for
I came across your website and saw the 56 Chev. on it.  I am building a 56 Nomad and would like a ballpark #  for a "Show Quality" paint job in
similar colors to the 56 Chev. on your website.  I would also like to  know where you are located.
  Date -  Feb 4      Phone -Scott Stauffer 801-589-7335 C ********        Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____ Wall Papaer I Think

 Here is the address to the site 1494 South 930 West Payson, Utah

My main contact onsite is Steve 801-580-3890 Please let me know today when your guys will be onsite

 Scott Stauffer Stauffer Enterprises, Inc.President 801-546-8377 O801-547-5048 F801-589-7335

  Date -  Feb 5      Phone - Tom Shelton    cell (801)455-3830    Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -___
_Nampa, Idaho  FI called  and he said he would send Photos   

The silo is approx.. 50’ tall and 12 ‘ dia.

The slot at the bottom of the cone is 12” wide, opening at top is 55” dia., access from the bottom is about 24” opening.

  I am with the Franz Baking Co. and we have acquired an old flour silo that is in need of sandblasting and a fresh coat of epoxy paint on the interior of it.

The silo is approx..50’ tall, approx.. 100,000 + pound capacity.

We are hoping to be able to complete this portion of the install in the next 3-5 weeks. 

Thanks  Tom SheltonFood Safety ManagerNampa, Idaho(208) 467-9900 ext. 3031    cell (801)455-3830

  Date -   Feb 6     Phone - S  Petersen (775)863-0300     Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____
We are located 65 miles SW of Ely, NV on HWY 6. Using a DuPont Imron HG-6 paint. 1 picture is our color scheme. Then 4 of pieces to be blasted and painted:            
1) water tank 10w 52l 82) fuel tank 8w 30l 9h 3 & 4) mud pits 10w 38l 9h Maybe a couple more smaller pieces. My # is (775)863-0300 thanks
Date -   Feb 14     Phone - Brian Alexander  412-651-6758 (Cell)  
 Blake  yes     Bid  $  

Comments  -____

Pat, I currently work for General Dynamics on the LA-RICS project. I need to get a quote for painting monopoles 45’ tall and 70’ tall after they have been newly installed. I will call you tomorrow morning at about 9AM. I am in Los Angeles, CA on Pacific time.  

Thank you, Brian AlexanderGeneral Dynamics Wireless Services412-651-6758 (Cell)

  Date -    Feb 17    Phone - Christopher Richey   Cell: 308-482-0762
   Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____

We are looking for pricing for blasting/coating for our Palermo ND project. You can download the plans we have to date by following the link below. 

Please price it by the Spec listed on the drawings, but let us know if there is a system you are more comfortable using.

 Do you think we could have pricing by the end of the week? cr  

Palermo IFC Mechanical.pdf (24.3 MB)  

Christopher Richey | Contruction Manager106 S Green/PO Box 187 Clarks, NE 68628 Skype: Christopher.ssc Off: 308-548-2264 Cell: 308-482-0762 Fax: 308-548-2164

  Date - Feb 17       Phone - Jeff Differding No Phone
 I emailed to try to get one


    Blake  yes     Bid  $
Comments  -____

This e-mail is in regards to cleaning and inspecting our water towers this summer.  I would like to know if you would be interested in being part of the quotation process.  I am also interested in budget numbers for exterior and interior painting of 200 thousand and 250 thousand gallon elevated tanks.

Pat,This e-mail is in regards to cleaning and inspecting our water towers this summer.  I would like to know if you would be interested in being part of the quotation process.  I am also interested in budget numbers for exterior and interior painting of 200 thousand and 250 thousand gallon elevated tanks.

Tanks Jeff Differding 136 4th Ave. SE Valley City, ND  58072

  Date -  Feb 17      Phone - Doug Richert  541-297-1656 cel
Blake  yes     Bid  $
___Bandon Dunes pump station   I emailed them for Number Name

Bandon dunes golf resort  57744 round lake rd Bandon, ore Contact: Doug Richert 541-297-1656 cell  541-347-5843 office
  Date -  Feb 18      Phone Jennifer Loomis-cell 315-730-0954;    Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Village of Elbridge Water      Inspec Report PDF
My clerk sent the file I forwarded to you. I'm Mayor of the Village of Elbridge, 315-689-3404; cell 315-730-0954; Office:210 West Main Street, Elbridge, NY   13060 project location:

From: "Jennifer Loomis" <>Date: Wed, February 04, 2015 1:27 pm
To: <>, "Richard Platten" <>Cc: "Hank Doerr" <>
Attached please find the Water Inspection Report as requested by Mayor Platten. A CD is also available for viewing at the Village of Elbridge. 
Jennifer Loomis   Deputy Clerk
  Date -Feb 19      Phone -Dwayne Crawford    210-652-2319
Blake  yes     Bid  $
  Comments  -____Mr. Patrick Evje
Hello name is Dwayne Crawford, I am assigned as a fuel tank custodian to a 1,000 gallon Convault concrete AST.  I have identified a worn paint condition on this tank and I am trying to find a company that will paint this tank In accordance with Convault requirements. If your company can do this, would you please contact me via email or phone between 3 - 10 p.m. CST. at 210-652-2319 Or contact Mr. Torres (my alternate) between 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the same number. If your company can not do this, could you refer me to another company that would be capable. Thank you for attention to this Request.
  Date -        Phone -Mark Novell     Cell: 602-721-4781      
Blake  yes     Bid  $
  Comments  -____
We are looking to get a quote on having four of our tanks and some piping painted.
 When you have a minutes please give me a call with any questions. Below are the sizes for tanks.

Mark Novell, General Manager of OperationsUFP Schertz, LLC21700 FM 2252 | Schertz, TX 78154

Tel: 830-606-4300 | Cell: 602-721-4781 |  Fax: 830-606-4305Cisco: 2941010Website:

21 miles from San Antonio, TX




Tank(s) Number   Diameter x Height

#1, #2, #3         12d x 22h (tank to the right side)

Water        11d x 28h   (tank with UFP on it)



  Date -    Feb 20   James Grosvenor  (702) 232-8044     Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -__4 tanks __FBC of Lenexa 8960 Marshall Drive Lenexa KS  66215
        haches  3 photos          
13 miles from Kansas City, KS
The 3 large  flour tanks are White Flour and are 12' x 55'
The shorter tank is a split silo for whole wheat flour.  it is about 12' x  40'

The single tank is a split silo for Whole White Wheat and is about 12' by 40'
The flow silos have a hatch at the bottom.  21" wide x 17" tall oval. The flour silos have a 24: hatch in the top and a birdsnest in each silo.

The 2 shortest silos are actually split silos.  Each half is separate and feeds into separate cones at the bottom.  Each half has separate bottom hatch, top hatch and birdsnest
The job address is
  FBC of Lenexa 8960 Marshall Drive Lenexa KS  66215
James Grosvenor Senior Staff Engineer (702) 232-8044
  Date -        Phone -Davis Sprague 912-399-5539 Cell  
Blake  yes     Bid  $
  Comments  -____

Do you and Pat want to look at this project and see if you want to do it and have Integrity Tank bid the repairs for you?


Ector, TX Bid Exp Date 3-12-15  Cobb, Fendley & Associates

972-335-3214  Blake Call them  see what you need


Let me know what you guys think…… 



Do you guys have full shrouds for these two tanks? Are you guys going to be able to take care of the soil issues?


PROJECT    Specs  for Job   

This project consists of painting and renovating the exterior only to AWWA and TCEQ specifications two (2) water storage tanks. The tanks are:  

1. 100,000 Gallon Steel Ground Storage Tank located at 505 South Main Street. This tank will require the removal of lead base paint from the exterior, including capture  of the blasted particles, and proper disposal of the blasted exterior paint material, including shrouding of the tank.  The soil at this tank has been tested and and is included. The Contractor is to re-test the soil at project completion. 

2. 100,000 Gallon Single Pedestal Elevated Water Tank located south of the City of Ector on F.M. Hwy 898. The tank must be shrouded for blasting and painting. 


Davis SpragueDirector of North American Sales Integrity Tank Services, LLC125 First Street, Suite 200Henderson, KY
270-826-4037 Direct Office Line270-826-9001 General Office Line270-826-9007 Fax912-399-5539 Cell



  Date -  Feb 23 Monday      Phone -Jesse Hines  918.994.6240      Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____PDF  Specs  Mr Blake

I work for a company that produces some small to mid-sized tanks for one of our customers and am trying to find additional paint service suppliers.  Do you mind taking a look at the attached vessel and paint specs and let me know if this is something that you might be able to help us out with?  Also, are you located in the Tulsa area?  I couldn’t find an address on your website. 

If you can do this, can you give me a quote and a time frame for completion? 

Thank you for your time and feel free to give me a call to discuss whenever you some time. 

Thanks,Jesse HinesRISE-Mfg.com918.994.6240

  Date -   Feb 23  Monday    Phone -  Kurt A Gallehugh 323-828-3232-
Blake  yes     Bid  $
  Comments  -__Los Angeles, CA __
Here are the two bins we are looking for you to quote the inside painting.  They are 12' x 40'. Entry can be made from the side or the top.  The inside product  is finished whole wheat flour. We are anticipating a food grade epoxy, but are open to suggestions.  Any questions, please call.
Thank you,Kurt
From: Kurt Gallehugh <>Date: Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 12:21 PMSubject: To:

Kurt A Gallehugh
Plant ManagerGrain CraftFormerly Cereal Food Processors,Milner Milling & Pendleton Flour Mills1861 E. 55th StreetLos Angeles, CA  90058323-585-0131-main323-828-3232-cell
  Date -   Feb 24 Tuesday    Phone -  Blair 408-650-4810   Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____

 we spoke last week about cleaning and recoating a fire pump water tank the tank is about 9 foot in dia and 10 feet long. Here is the picture inside the tank. Please give me a call at 408-650-4810 so we can talk about it. 

  Date -   Feb 25   Phone - Arsenio Frontela 310.603.0220 ext., 279
Blake  yes     Bid  $  801-420 0498 kid in leigh
  Comments  -____City of Lynwood 11330 Bullis Road Lynwood, CA 90262 Tel: 310-603-0220  27 miles from LA

Attached to this e-mail are two existing pictures from the swimming pool taken several years ago.   

However, the structure or configuration of the pool has not changed.The pool is 50'x165', and its depth is 3’ to 12’ in both directions. 

The paint company we are proposing to use is Ellis Paint Company.  The paint is Nelsonite pool epoxy.


Arsenio Frontela

City of Lynwood  Department of Public Works 


PH:       310.603.0220 ext., 279

  Date -      Phone -   Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____
  Date -      Phone -   Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____