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GWP 2015  Januray


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Date - Jan 2 Friday      Phone -Davis Sprague  912-399-5539   
 Blake From Blake    

Comments  -____ >> On Jan 2, 2015, at 1:27 PM, Davis Sprague <> wrote: 
270-826-4037 Direct Office Line  270-826-9001 General Office Line
I just received word from our insurance carrier (E.M. Ford) that they think the El Paso, TX Job would put us past our maximum leverage with our current bonding limits. We have not heard from a couple of bid jobs and we have a big job in Florida up for "rebid". This keeps our total "outstanding" high for this current moment in time. Is it possible for Pat to be able to take our numbers ($685,370.34) and place them with your paint numbers ($716,760.00) and bid the job as Great Western Painting as the G C? The Bid Exp Date is 1-8-14. If so, we will use the smaller cap space to bid the Johnsonville,TN job as the G C and have Great Western as the sub. Let me know if that works.....Davis Sprague   Regional Sales Manager >> Integrity Tank Services, LLC
  Date -  Jan 8      Phone - Gordon Moline 720.775.9069  cell   
 Blake  From Plake yes       Bid  $
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From: Gordon Moline <>Date: January 7, 2015 at 10:46:03 AM ESTTo
Subject: RE: your business address

We are looking into a repaint interior of the attached old hanger. The owner thinks the existing steel will need stripped to ensure a correct bond. We will also be stripping and recoating the floor.Any thoughts??        See Photos Pat

Gordon Moline   Project Manager / Superintendent tectonic management group, inc.       Design/Build    Architecture  I  Construction Management   I   General Contracting 720.775.9069  cell   I   303.403.1228  office   I   303.422.1229

  Date -   Jan 8     Phone - *Robert Kloepfer 209-507-7502       Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____

Would your company be able to clean inside rail cars?  I have four cars that had food grade tallow in them. SanblastWe have boiled them out with caustic which left them clean and dry. I have rust residue that needs to be skinned off . The tanks need to be vacuumed out and recoated with oil before they rust. ( that would be our problem)

 Robert Kloepfer , Plant Superintendent Wilmar Oils and Fats 2008 Port Rd. “B” Stockton, Ca. 95203 209-507-7502

New E-Mail :

Pat, we are looking for a debris free car and a food grade temporary coating . We will coat with food grade palm oil to stop any corrosion. We have eight cars to start with. I would like to send one test car if we can justify the cost. I also have two 1.5 Metric ton ( 396,225 .Gal) tanks to pressure wash and clean. These tanks are new and have had hydro potable water in them. I need to remove rust and dry them before putting them in service.  Need a quote on those and the railcars.Cell # 209/401/1460 

Robert Kloepfer , Plant Superintendent

Date - Jan 9       Phone Mark Bender- Cell (928) 210-2163 *
     Blake  yes     Bid  $     

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Luke AFB           135 ft tall    AFB  Wage  Arizona    Click  Word Doc   and   1   -   2   -     

 Full Size  Logo        Click for smaller Photo  Ligo         

We have been contacted by Luke AFB to perform repainting of a water tank. I found your website and it appears to be a specialty of yours. Please contact me at the cell phone number below and I will give you more information.

Thanks for returning my call so quickly. Please contact Dave Parrish at
(480) 244-6561 he can provide you with detailed information and schedule a site visit.

Mark BenderCell (928) 210-2163  Red One Construction – Main Office310 N Irwin Street, Ste 12Hanford, CA 93230(559) 772-8264Fax (559) 772-8745CSLB #943148 

Red One - Arizona Office291 South Main Street, Suite G-6Yuma, AZ. 85364(928) 783-0322Fax (928) 783-0040   e-mail


  Date -   Jan 9     Phone -Rich Allen 775-832-1345   *       Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____

From: Allen, Richard
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 7:40 AM  To: ''Subject: Tank Interior coating

 Incline Village G Spoke to you Yesterday about a Vacuum truck tank we have a rust problem with. Here are some pictures and the size is about 9’ deep by 5’6” diameter. Let me know what you think and if you could possibly come to Incline Village to take a look at it so we could discuss coating options with the operations manager that would be great.

 Rich AllenFleet Superintendent Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) 775-832-1345

  Date -    Jan 13    Phone - Leo F. Foley  Cell 309-738-2918   
    Blake  yes     Bid  $


V & K, Inc. is looking for a quote to inside and outside inspect the 7th St water tower in E Moline Il.  The tower is a multi-legged 250,000 gallon tank it was constructed in 1953 and is 125’ high. Please give me a call to discuss. Leo 

Leo F. Foley, P.E. Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.1530 46th Ave., Ste. 2BMoline, IL 61265-7019Ph. 309-797-0171Cell 309-738-2918Fax 309-797-0996

  Date - Jan 19       Phone -* Dave Jacobson (970) 201-6114. I     Blake  yes     Bid  $  
Comments  -____
 PDF Inspection Report     Sent by Blake

 Clearfork tank dimensions  15’ high (14’ usable) by 18’ diameter and 56.8’ in circumference 26,634 gallons Vol = 3.14 * r2 * 8.34

.Cathedral tank  40 feet long and 11 feet in diameter with domed ends – volume is 30,000 gallons    Tank located on F81 Road

Dave Jacobson  1945 Black Canyon Rd.Crawford, Co 81415  davej1222@hotmail.comHi Robert, My name is Dave Jacobson and I work for Cathedral Water company. The tank is in Crawford, Colorado on the western slope. My contact info is 1945 Black Canyon Rd. Crawford, Co 81415. My phone is (970) 201-6114. I have attached the tank dimensions and the potable divers report.  I know this is short notice, but I need the bid by 5:00 pm Tuesday, Jan 19.  Thanks, Dave J
  Date -        Phone - *Bi He T 303 962 1983      Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____ Too High  Price

We have a 55ft silo interior storage area need to be painted Highlands Ranch, CO 80129,     please see attached for the type of epoxy we need to use and the silo dimensions,  below are the requirements:  Tank Drawing

·         3 MILS minimum DFT using epoxy specified.

·         Start date 1/21/15

·         Remove knife gates, blind flange the silo outlets.(ADA provide flange)

·         Remove and plug fluidizing nozzle couplings.(ADA provide plug)

·         Site Ambient Temperature (10-DegF to 40-DegF), outdoor. Stanton, North Dakota

Please let me know if you can do this at the temperature restriction and how long it will takes.


  Bi He / Contractor / ADA-ES, Inc.T 303 962 1983 / F 303 734 0330 / 9135 S. Ridgeline Blvd, Ste 200 / Highlands Ranch, CO 80129WWW.ADAES.COM

  Date -        Phone - Spencer Johnson435-833-5081      Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____Here is the picture you requested for price estimation.
Please note, this picture is slightly inaccurate. This is a picture of ourfinished product, we would be giving you the containers in an earlier phase
of its modification. There will be no metal inserts inside the containerswhen the bead blasting is needed. Also, this shows only the base of the
container. There is also a cover, which has almost identical dimensions tothe base. So, with 8 containers, each with a cover and base, you would be
looking at 16 pieces similar to the one in this picture which need glassbead blasting.

Spencer Johnson
Mechanical EngineerAmmunition Equipment DirectorateTooele Army Depot
  Date -    Jan 26 Monday    Phone - Don High *  C: 254-394-4790  
  Blake  yes     Bid  $        

Samantha House 512-926-8065 Project Manager:  Don High, 254-394-4790

  Comments  -____

Pat, attached is the SOW for the project   Click.      No Lic  just Resister   973-504-6200   Union Wage $60.00 hour  

The mandatory site visit is 1/29 at 9:00 AM at WILLIAM J. HUGHES TECHNICAL CENTER Atlantic City INT'L AIRPORT, there is a requirement to pre-register by 1/22, Pat is trying to contact the POC to see if we can still register. We'll let you know on the pre-register as soon as Pat makes contact with him. Please let me know that you have received this email. Thank you. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Don High Director of Quality Control O: 512-926-8065F: 512-926-1292C: 254-394-4790e-mail:

  Date -   Jan 26     Phone Kelly- *  979 725-8581     Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____

If you need more pictures or some from up top let me know. Thanks, Kelly

Company : M-G Inc. Feed Division      1201 County Road     Weimar, Texas 78962
Phone : 979 725-8581   800 470-8581   Send quote to : Mark Kloesel pres. 

  Any questions you can contact me@ 979 743-0577 cell or email you have. We are on IH-10 half way between Houston & Sam Antonio. For specs don't know allot. Want good quality paint need some blasting for heavy rust but mostly prepped to paint
  Date -   Jan 28    Phone - Gardner Olson*  801-718- 4272  (cel)    
 Blake  yes     Bid  $
  Comments  -____  See This PDF   Includs Photos

10 MG Reservoir Corrosion Repair Project

Please see attached Request for Quotations. 

I am hoping to have a quote back by February 6, 2015. Is that realistic or would you need more time? 

Gardner  J. Gardner Olson, P.E.   Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy

3430 East Danish Rd. Cottonwood Heights, UT  84093    801-942-9667   (direct) 801-718-4272  (cel)

  Date -   Jan 28     Phone - Lloyd*  Cell:   210-823-1273    Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____  Texas   2 Files    Look    1   -   2

Attached is the Scope of Work and Plans of the metal building at UT Austin, Austin. As the GC, we are looking for Painters (plus) to bid this project.

 Please contact me if you are interested in bidding.

 Lloyd       Lloyd Cohen Cell:      210-823-1273  Office :  210-650-3951 Fax:      210-650-3959

  Date -   Feb 2     Phone - *  Boss Kevin 951-972-9509     Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____

I tried to leave a message on your phone and the mail box is full.
 I need some wall paper hung.  Can you call me back and let me know if this is something you are interested in?

Here is the wall paper areas that need hung.  We have the wallpaper.  Should take (2) men (1) day. 

Can you please meet my Boss Kevin 951-972-9509 tomorrow to bid the job

Springhill Suites1801 S Harbor BlvdAnaheim, CA Call me to schedule a time

  DDate -        Phone - *       Blake  yes     Bid  $   Comments  -____




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