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   1 - PDf of first Prelean  Sent  to Sheraton Hotel   Feb 19  


        Client id is 6094 


Tracking # 10942281  Feb 17           


Good morning.  Thank you for your interest in Accurate Lien.  Attached is our company packet for your review. 

Email or please contact me at 866-914-9389 if you have any questions.


Thank you,   Jennifer, by email at or by phone 480-246-8579.

Cheri Smith   (480) 246-8580 (Direct)   ex 236
Floor Supervisor  Accurate Lien & Contractor Assistance, Inc.
6210 East Thomas Road, Suite 203 Scottsdale, AZ  85251-7044 (480) 941-0844 x 236 (480) 246-8580 (Direct) (866) 914-9389 (Toll Free)
(480) 941-8815 (Fax)

2 PDFs     Contract    1         How Much   2


Dianne sent in   Feb 17

Good morning.  Attached is our pricing information. Please contact me at 866-914-9389 if you have any questions  PDF

Attached is a synopsis of Arizona lien law. Please note in Arizona if the project is public you will need to file a bond letter within 90 days from last supply date. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.  Open


Good Morning, It looks like you filled it out correctly. Your tracking # is 10942281​. I will start working on this notice for you today.  Thankyou.  Feb 17

Jennifer CAccount RepresentativeAccurate Lien & Contractor Assistance, Inc.6210 East Thomas Road, Suite 203
Scottsdale, AZ  85251-7044

Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters

Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
One StarPoint
Stamford, Connecticut 06902 USA
Reservations: 1-888-625-5144
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-964-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-203-964-6000   
Sharaton  Hotel   1600 s  52nd st   Tempe  AZ          $17,000
 Start Jan 25 to Feb 1      Mr Sing  602-405-0341

CC: pat@greatwesternpainting
Sent: 2/17/2015 12:36:25 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Accurate Lien New Client ID
Thank You !!!

Your request for web access has been submitted for processing.

If you are not a current client with Accurate Lien please click on the service agreement link below. Print the agreement, fill in the information requested and fax it to our office at (480) 941-8815 or mail it to our business address listed on the bottom of the Service Agreement. An account will not be set up until we receive the signed service agreement. Thank you.

Service Agreement

We look forward to providing you with the highest standard of professional services.

Contact Us Nationwide for Support:(800) 947-9546
Local Support: (480) 941-0844

Your new client id is 6094  please use this to go online and request for "Web Access" on our main home page. Once this is done our IT Dept will create a user name and password for you, this will be emailed to : ​ pat@greatwesternpainting and Both of these emails have to request web access seperatly, our IT dept will generate two user name and passwords. One for each user.

Thank you,

Miriam Hernandez
Account Representative
Accurate Lien & Contractor Assistance, Inc.
6210 East Thomas Road, Suite 203
Scottsdale, AZ  85251-7044
(480) 941-0844 x 230
(480) 941-0844 (Direct)
(800) 947-9546 (Toll Free)
(480) 941-8815 (Fax)

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for signing up for access to the Accurate Lien interactive web site.

The Accurate Lien web site is unique because it has many features you access in real time including entering, viewing and amending prelien requests.



Your login information for is below. Please make a note of it.

LOGIN ID: patricke

Username: patricke

Password: p8a9t6​

If you have any questions regarding your prelien requests once they have been entered please contact your account representative, Jennifer, by email at or by phone 480-246-8579.

One of the most important things to remember is to check your issues on a daily basis. Issues are prelien requests that have not been able to be completed. To learn the procedures for issues you may use the quick reference guide attached to this email or login to the web site, click help and watch the tutorial on Issues.

Another important item to remember is to not use asterisks ( * ) or apostrophes ( ' ) in the prelien request or in the notes section.

The web site is user friendly and clearly marks which fields are required and the format of those fields.

Attached is a quick reference guide to help you use the web site. In addition there are also tutorials online to assist you. If you need further instructions or assistance using the web site you may contact Garylayne by email at or by phone (480) 246-8582.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for choosing Accurate Lien.