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My SEO Guys
1301 Seminole Blvd., Suite #166
Largo, FL 33770
Phone: 813-333-9666


1301 Seminole Blvd
Suite 166
Largo, FL 33770
Voice: (813) 333-9666
Fax: (813) 751-2182



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Great Robert.  I dated the order for today because I didn’t know how soon the $2K would let us go to work.  We can obviously change that if you can’t fire it back today.  Just let me know.

11/10/2014 9:54:38

Subject: Steve (MY SEO GUYS order)
Date: 11/10/2014 9:07:15 A.M. Mountain Standard Time

Hi Robert,


I have attached the actual order, with special terms (2 monthly payments of $2K instead of $4K up front).  I left the URL listed as to be determined (TBD) in case you want us to optimize a different site than  There are NO hidden costs; SEO, integrated social media, content writing, design work, everything…


If that works for you and Pat, just sign and initial the attached order, fax or scan it back to me, and let’s build you a powerhouse site on top of the nation!




Steve Crosby

Senior Site Analyst

 P:     (813) 751-2173

 F:     (813) 751-2182


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Pat and Robert (National site discussed)
Date: 10/28/2014 10:15:31 A.M. Mountain Standard Time

Hi guys,


It was nice to finally speak with you again Pat.  I know you guys are always busy, and that’s great.  The question is whether you want to be even busier by having a site found nationally, guaranteed, on top of all the visibility you have now.


As I discussed with your dad, we brought the best techs from Web Tools (who did do well back in the day with for a couple years, before one of the partners started making bad decisions and customer service fell off) a couple years ago, added the best of modern technology, and developed, who is now top of the nation when you Google SEO for Painting Contractors or anything else that makes us money.  …so you know we can do itJ


To top it off guys, whatever URL you want to have us SEO nationally—I like for nostalgia’s sake too—we will guarantee you a national presence, at LEAST 20 ways, specific to what makes you money, within 90 days.  With the integration of social media and our mastery of the modern algorithm changes, it’s gonna be a LOT more than 20 and it’s just gonna grow and grow.


So, $4K to convert one site to be found a ton of ways nationally, including any design work you want.  From there, $700 a month and we will be your one-stop-shop to make changes and –most importantly—to keep you there and growing for good.


What do you think guys?


Hey again guys,


It was good speaking with you again this morning Robert and I’m glad to hear you’re still as busy as ever.  When you get a minute, we are still top of the nation 24/7 when you Google SEO for painting contractors.  We’d love the opportunity to build you a single site, dominating the search results in as large a service area as you wish.  Can you give me a call when you get 10 minutes Pat and see what we can work out?  



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